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Communication Necklace.

Communication Necklace.

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The Blue Tiger Eye Communication Necklace is a combination of specifically selected stones and crystals such as Sodalite which boost self-confidence and communication, which may improve relationships, problem-solving and ease self-judgment. This makes it a great choice for artists, performers, and entrepreneurs. With both classy and street appeal it’s the perfect piece to accompany you to allow yourself to express your creativity in various fields.

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Sodalite: improves communication skills.  It has also been believed for its power to enhance the owner's talent or natural gift

Lapis Lazuli: Encourages self-awareness and allows self-expression.

 length: 29.5, 31.5 and 33.5 inch,  75, 80 and 85 cm.

Double-Sided Pendant  Tiger& Dragon/compass
Blue Tiger Eye, 6mm,8mm and 10mm.
Solid Sterling 925 Silver With Black Rhodium And White Rhodium Finish.
White Round Hammered Clasp.
Authentic Compass-Jewelry Logo Bead.



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Note from the designer

The compass represents the rich rituals, folklore, and traditions of the Netherlands fused with modern wisdom. As a symbol, the compass signifies providing guidance and motivation to someone feeling lost. This is what we call our key principle. Bracelets by Compass Jewelry help create your own pious space, inside of yourself. An inner refuge, calm and focused, where you can navigate to your soul, your inner bliss—just like a compass guides a lost soul to its destination.


Gracefulness and Positivity Infused in Ensemble!

You've always been a bit of a spiritual person, and you know that your bracelet can't just be about looking good and feeling good. You want to wear it to remind yourself that you're heading in the right direction. The Compass is the perfect way to express your spiritual side, while making a statement about your own personal style. It represents the direction of the north, which signifies a life of service to others and self-mastery.

These bracelets are more than just an accessory: with their unique design and engraving, they are going to let everyone know that you're a stylish explorer who cares about making the world a better place for everyone around them.


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“Checked you out on Instagram and your mesmerizing vintage-type designs attracted me. Icing over the cake was your quick shipping and packaging. I am really excited to shop more from you to build my collection.”



“I was initially doubtful of the stone powers. But I must say now that my ideology has changed as I used a black skull bracelet for 20 odd days. It helped me achieve healing and peace of mind. To me compass jewelry is an art form of creativity and self-expression. I always wear it as a form of self-expression. ”



“What’s the secret of your healing jewelry? I mean I feel so good and on top of the world whenever I wear a pendant and bracelet. I love compass jewelry and their service”



“I don’t know where to start. So many great things to say…outstanding quality, true to description, and incredible design. I just love your jewelry.”

Brand philosophy

The philosophy of the compass is the core of our design—to guide the lost souls to their inner souls, your deep awakening, and your peace. And this spirituality in our designs comes with a dash of style backed by the elements of aesthetics, symmetry, harmony, and humor. Our design symbolizes exploration, adventure, and willingness to push you outside of your cocoon—that’s exactly what a compass does.