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Our Inspiration

About Us

Our Inspiration

Elements That Shape Our Expression, Creativity, and Aesthetics…
What comes to your mind when you think of a compass? An instrument that guides you in the right direction, right? That's why the inspiration behind our brand is borrowed from this very instrument. Then there are some Dutch legends, mind-boggling stories, and the essence of humor married with this primary source of inspiration. Envisioned by exceptional designers, each piece of Compass jewelry represents spiritual direction, self-discovery, Personal significance and awakening with its lyrical aesthetic all while adding to your style.

The Compass Story: A Passion That Turned into a Profession

Our brand's compass may point in many directions, but its true north is the Caribbean roots of my heritage. My passion for creating healing crystals jewelry design, was ignited at a young age and further fueled by the mentorship of a renowned diamond cutter.

As my travels took me across the world, I found inspiration in the spiritual nature of stones and minerals in India and in the innovative designs of Alessandro Mendini, Piero Castiglioni, and Damiano Alberti in Italy. These diverse experiences have been distilled into a collection that embodies the strength and magic of an amulet and the precision
of a finely crafted timepiece.

What makes us different

Timeless Design Made by hand, made with love - and made to last!

Fred, the founder of Compass Jewelry, believes that design is the heart and soul of jewelry making. This notion is evident in the offerings by Compass, (Skull Bead Bracelet). Representing the distinct style and bold elegance, our collection has everything to become a symbol of a gorgeous milestone, a signature style staple, and one of the most attractive gifts you can give to your beloved ones.

We are also proud to offer unique designs jewelry, meaning that we create your dream piece of jewelry.

The remarkable design of Compass Jewelry comes with a dash of positivity and guides you to the inner soul as well. Made by hand, made with love, and made to last, our collections are based on minimalist aesthetics and are influenced by vintage and contemporary art. We aim to create meaningful and essential jewelry pieces(7 Chakra Bracelet), that you can wear all day and feel guided, ready, positive, and grounded.

We aim to craft the pieces you will treasure for life!

Tradition-Inspired Creation

How do we create your favorite pieces of jewelry at Compass? Let us tell you that we don't believe in the "run-out-of-mill" process. Instead, our jewelry-making process is driven by attention to detail, reliability, and decades of collective experience. Our team grasps the vision through hand drawing. It is here that the idea is translated onto metal, thereby bringing the creation to life. From our necklaces to bracelets, you can be sure that each piece is made with care, passion, and integrity.

Instead of following the standard industry practice of outsourcing, we work in-house with skilled craftsmen in order to infuse traditional techniques and rich Dutch heritage into every piece of Compass Jewelry. But we also recognize the value of partnering with skilled artisans from other countries. By outsourcing certain processes to Germany and Italy, we can ensure that our jewelry is of the highest quality and made with the utmost care.

We've developed expertise in crafting high-quality pieces, such as our unique protection symbol necklace, that are one-of-a-kind every time. You can enjoy a piece of Compass Jewelry in the present or pass it on to future generations as an heirloom. It's up to you! We pride ourselves on the care and creativity that go into our products, and we are confident you will find them to be of the highest quality.