Accentuate Individuality. Radiate Independence.

Identity Designed represents strong independence and good vibes. 

The finishing touch to your style.

Build highly customized Bracelets or Necklace as per your own style preference. which suits your lifestyle.
All of our custom made bracelets and Necklace are handmade in our Holland Studio on a daily basis.

Let's Dive into some of the unique features of our Custom-made Pieces.

 The signature compass is always engraved on one side, while the personalized pendant is displayed on the other.

  • The  meridian which represents guidance and independence
  • The coin stands for luck and fortune
  • The skull for camaraderie and allegiance
  • The Tiger and the Dragon for prosperity and power

All of our pieces are specially cut from a fine selection of natural gemstones  with coin-grade pendants designed with a "worn “patina look.

Boldly Bespoke

Create an aesthetic language that is as classic as it is contemporary and gently carries our personal signature that compliments your watch and makes it even more unique ,makes it stand out.

Step 1

Schedule an appointment with me as per your available time

Step 2

Confirm online the jewel characteristic and style, color and type off compass pendant in that appointment with me

Step 3

The next step is to refine the ideas into a series of designs for you to choose from To do this we will usually sketch on paper and may also make models to give you an impression of the actual piece.

Step 4

Once the design is confirmed we will then start the making process, this typically takes 3-4 weeks

Step 5

You are welcome to collect your jewelry in person from our Amsterdam Studio or you will receive your Compass-Jewelry at your home.

Seeing a bespoke design come to life is exciting – the jewelry-making process never loses it’s magic, even for me after all this time!


Comfort is never sacrificed, even within the unmistakable classic nature of each unique design. The unique and ingenious combination of special elastic wire and a clasp makes it easier for clients to use and remove each unique bracelet.


All of our pieces are specially cut from a fine selection of natural gemstones and coin-grade pendants designed with a "worn “patina look. We use solid Sterling silver with black rhodium and yellow Gold Finish for the staple collection.

You can also choose yellow, red, or white gold for the customized pieces. All of our jewelry is designed to express your own personal style and accentuate your individuality.

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