The History Behind Compass-Jewelry

My journey through the world of jewelry design has always aligned with one question…

Where does true independence lie?

The Mediterranean, nonchalant nature of prayers beads is classic, but not everyone is so religious. The gold chain with its Mediterranean heritage is unique, but sometimes overdone.

For me, men’s jewelry within the common marketplace simply wasn’t enough.

I started with necklaces and continued to push each design to more exclusive heights. The first item was a long, black beaded necklace with natural gemstones combined with antique glass.

The original black necklace was quite successful with a select group of high-end watch enthusiasts. These gentlemen were all connected to a high-quality men’s clothing shop owned by a friend of mine in Amsterdam.

A client of this friend asked me to design a bracelet that perfectly aligned in quality and value with the watch he always wore. This was the birth of the elastic bracelet with the secure lock.

His appreciation for my brand was only the start of the undeniable respect collections of this nature would soon bring for other visionaries like him.

Through the dominating independence displayed by this enriched pendant with the unique stone combination , other intrigued gentlemen showed great interest in this extraordinarily original Craftsmanship.

At this moment, Identity Designed was born and continues to provide unmatched quality today.

Fred Person | The Designer Of Compass-Jewelry