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How to Choose Your Powerful Stone Short helpfull guide

Published by Wilfred Gustaaf, on October 18, 2023

How to Choose Your Powerful Stone

Selecting a gemstone is not just about its beauty or value; it's a deeply personal journey. You might find that the traditional meanings of gemstones resonate with you, or perhaps you feel an inexplicable connection to a particular stone. Here are some steps that might guide you in making a meaningful choice:

  1. Look at Traditional Meanings: Familiarize yourself with the traditional symbolism and energies attributed to each stone. Are you seeking courage? Maybe a Ruby would serve you well. Need balance in your life? Tiger Eye could be your go-to.

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  2. Personal Resonance: Sometimes, you might feel naturally drawn to a gemstone. This instinctive pull could be an indication that the stone's energies resonate with your own.

  3. Recognize What You're Missing: This is a particularly insightful approach. Look at what each stone is said to offer and compare it to what you feel you might be lacking in your life. By aligning your choice this way, you're not just choosing a stone; the stone is choosing you.

  4. Consult with Experts: Brands like Compass-Jewelry offer expert consultations to help you match your energy needs with the perfect gemstone.

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    5. Try Before You Buy: If possible, hold the stone or wear it for a short period. Focus on how it makes you feel—energized, calm, balanced, etc.

Your final choice should be a gemstone that not only appeals to your aesthetic sense but also resonates with your spirit and fills a void in your life. It's almost as if the stone chooses you as much as you choose it.

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For the Energy enthusiasts:

  1. The Metaphysical World of Gemstones: Crystal Vaults - A comprehensive guide to the spiritual and healing qualities of crystals and gemstones. Dive deep into the world of gem lore and discover which stones resonate with various intentions and purposes.

  2. Tales and Legends of Gemstones: GemSelect - Explore the rich history and fascinating tales associated with various gemstones. Uncover the myths, legends, and stories that make each stone unique.

For Rational/Academic-oriented Individuals:

  1. Scientific Exploration of Gemstone Properties: Geology.com - An informative site that delves into the science behind various gemstones. Understand the formation, structure, and properties that make each gemstone unique from a geological perspective.

  2. The Psychology and Science Behind Gemstones' Perceived Powers: ResearchGate - A paper that explores the psychology behind jewelry, including gemstones, and its perceived value and impact. A great read for those wanting an analytical look at the subject.


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